Caving in the Kanin mountain

Explore the mysterious underground world around Bovec.

Srnica cave lies at the foot of the Kanin mountain range. It is a system of  underground caves where mighty stalagmites, stalactites and pillars will welcome you on almost every step.

Srnica cave is distinguished by heart-shaped fossils. In long-lasting or heavy rains, the cave fills up with water and turns into a temporary water source. During heavy rainfall a waterfall is formed at the upper entrance to the cave. There is a 63 m difference in altitude between the entrances to the cave. At the exit of the cave we have to rappel down the wall for about 20 m.

Caving in the Srnica cave near Bovec photo gallery

FAQ about Caving in the Srnica cave

  • Price: 65 € / person.

  • Time in the cave: 3-4 hours.
  • Time of the whole activity: 4-5 h.
  • Exit from the cave: 20 m rappel.
  • Group size: 4 – 6 guests.
  • Availability: From 1. June to 31. September. Weekends only.
  • Departures: By agreement.
  • Meeting time: 15 minutes before departure.
  • Meeting point: Outdoor Galaxy, Kot 1, Bovec.
  • Cave location: Near the village Plužna, just a few minutes drive from our office.
  • Included in the price: Guiding, caving equipment, transport from our agency to the start and back, 22% VAT.
  • Equipment we provide: Caving suit, helmet, head lamp, climbing belt with safety rope, double cord, carabiner, figure eight.
  • Equipment you should bring: Light hiking shoes or sneakers, warm long sleeved clothes.
  • Medical conditions: All participants with a specific medical condition must consult with us prior to booking the activity.
  • Min. age: 12 years.
  • Max. weight: women 115 kg / men 125 kg.
  • Max. waist measure: 120 cm.
  • Weather forecast for Bovec
  • Reservation: Booking in advance is required.