Fly above the hidden gorges of the Soča valley

Visit Zipline Bovec and fly over the canyon of the Učja river

Breathe in, breathe out. The tips of your sneakers are carefully aligned with the edge of the wooden platform. Two hundred meters below lies the deep and wild gorge of the Učja river. Suddenly your heart beats faster, your palms inside the gloves start to sweat, and time stops. With your helmet on and your harness clipped to the cable, you’re about to unleash your inner ninja. The guide on the other side gives you a starting sign. Before you know it, you are already flying straight into the unforgettable adventure.

zip line above Učja

Across the Učja river gorge. Photo: Soča Rafting

Soča Valley offers almost unlimited outdoor activities. Hiking, climbing, rafting, canyoning, paragliding, and biking are great ways to explore the turquoise valley, yet some places remain hidden and hard to approach. That’s why you should spice up your visit with Zipline Bovec and experience the hidden gorges of the Soča valley from a bird’s eye view.

Zipline Bovec itinerary

The Učja river gorge lies 9 kilometres from Bovec – the starting point of your journey. First, you meet the guides, who give you a brief trip itinerary. They equip you with a helmet, protective gloves and harness. Once everyone is geared up, we drive you towards the Učja border crossing.

Divided into groups, you walk to the training polygon, where the guides introduce you to the theory and practice of abseiling. Each of you will get a chance to show your breaking skills, but the clipping in and out of the line is done by guides. After the practice, it is time for the real thing! Like baby birds, one by one, you fly into the lush world of the canyon!

The biggest zipline in Europe

Ten steel cables, ranging from 250 to 600 meters in length, are laid over the Učja river, with a total distance of four kilometres. Interesting forest paths connect the individual lines. The most beautiful thing about Zipline Bovec is the variety of terrain and the sensations you experience while zipping through the air.

Each line has its own personality. The flying journey begins with an adrenaline rush – a descent on the highest steel cable. From there, you zig-zag down, closer and closer to the surface of the emerald river. Some lines are high, some long, others fast, but all incredibly picturesque.

bovec zipline tandem

Across 10 steel cables. Photo: Soča Rafting

Even if you consider yourself an experienced adrenaline junkie, the first and the highest line will not disappoint you. When you leave the ground behind, the trees turn into unrecognisable shades of green. Out in the open, a view of the Učja river and the Bovec basin unfolds in front of you. From the first few outposts, you can see the highest Slovenian mountain – Triglav.

Even if you are not a hights fan, I promise zipline is worth the flight from your comfort zone. With each steel line, you gain more confidence and soon realise you actually have time to breathe and admire the surroundings. Precious guides look after you throughout the journey, and fellow zippers cheer for you from the beginning until the last zip.

Descent through the Natura 2000 protected area

In addition to the ten steel lines, the adventure over Učja includes a nature excursion into a protected area. Učja originates in Italy on the western slopes of Kanin and flows through Žaga village into Soča. On its way, it carved out a narrow and deep gorge and constructed funky water polygons. This remote and authentically wild gorge attracts adrenaline lovers and nature explorers; from the best kayakers, canyoning enthusiasts, and fishermen, to those flying people on cable lines.

While walking from one line to another, you can admire the waterfalls of the Globoški stream and learn about protected plant and animal species. The valley of the Učja river belongs to the Natura 2000 protected areas and is the home of the true Soča trout.

view of the Globoški potok waterfalls

Globoški potok waterfalls. Photo: Petra Repič

Ziplines then and now

Somewhere in the middle of your flying journey, the guides enlighten you with some historical facts. You soon discover that the zipline is nothing new in the Učja valley. The original, old steel cables spotted on the trail were used by locals to load hay, wood, and transport equipment. Creativity mixed with pragmatism, all for a better work efficiency.

Today, this efficiency has translated into tourism. Zipline, despite its popularity, remains a sustainable activity because, apart from short walks, you hardly leave a footprint in the natural environment. The zipline above Učja is adapted to the natural environment, allowing you to experience the otherwise inaccessible valley. All platforms are built into the natural cliffs and treetops, blending in beautifully with nature.

What about the weather?

Light rain is not the reason for cancelling the trip. Only in cases of a storm, strong wind, or sleet we postpone the trip to another date. Click on the following link to check the weather forecast for Bovec.

What is the best time to visit the Bovec Zipline park?

The biggest zipline in Europe is open all year round and has several departures daily. In the rainy springtime, the valley of the Učja river shows off her wildest green and transforms into the Soča valley’s own version of Jurassic Park. The only thing missing are the dinosaurs. Summer attracts numerous visitors, and one can refresh by jumping into the Učja river at the end of the trip. In autumn, you can enjoy a unique view of the surrounding mountains, the river Učja and the various colours that appear during the autumn transformation. Even in winter, the zipline continues to run. The air becomes crispy, the mountains and treetops are covered in snow, yet the Mediterranean breeze ensures it is never too cold on the sunny side of the Alps.

bovec zip line

Just above the water. Photo: Soča Rafting

Who can zipline?

The trip is suitable for almost everyone: families with children, groups of friends, couples and all lovers of nature and outdoor activities. Supposedly spending time outside and increasing the flow of oxygen through adrenaline-dilated veins has a beneficial effect on strengthening relationships. Here you go, the perfect opportunity to solve some family and business problems up in the air!

The youngest members of the expedition must be at least 120 cm tall (without stepping on toes), as this is the only way they can slip into the safety belt. Children can zip down the lines in tandem with a guide, who ensures they are having the time of their lives.

zipline Učja with children

With a guide. Photo: Soča Rafting

Zipline Učja offers you an exciting feeling of freedom in the air, an opportunity to explore remote corners of the Soča valley, respect for nature while looking at endless green forests, and great fun outside!

If you want to experience the Učja gorge from above, Outdoor Galaxy provides you with all the necessary information. You can also get more info on the link below:

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