Biking through the Land of the Living Water

By bike? Why not! On the road? We prefer to be off the beaten path. We will follow the flow and take you on one of the most scenic Bovec cycling tours – an introduction to the so-called “land of the living water.” This cycling trail runs through miles of quiet country roads and forest paths, passing through wild and beautiful landscapes. Waterfalls, river rapids, and the magical world of large and small gorges – water is everywhere in this valley. With just the right amount of ascents and descents, on and off-road sections, with or without a local guide, the route is suitable for various abilities and bikes. Grab a mountain bike, or if you need a little push, e-bikes are a great choice, too. So do you dare to dip at least one toe into the water? Ready? Steady. Go!

girl on bike crossing a hanging bridge over the soca river

Suspension bridge over the Soča river. Photo: David Štulc Zornik

Pedaling to Virje waterfall and Glijun stream

Getting up early on a free summer morning is no minor deal. A double espresso, a helmet on the head, a mountain bike in your hands, and a 40 km pedaling in front of you. It all starts and ends in the center of Bovec. Past the church, you hit the first climb up to the friendly village of Plužna.

bovec village from the air

Bovec under the church. Photo: Petra Repič

The sun is sparkling, and with each pedal turn, you are closer to the rustling sound of the Virje waterfall. When you reach the parking lot, equipped with all the necessary information, you descend along the gravel path to the waterfall. Nature plays on all five sensory strings here, and the feeling is incredible. A 12-meter-high multi-stranded waterfall drops into a lovely pool of emerald green, surrounded by moss-covered rocks. It is a perfect spot to recharge and put the bike to rest for just a moment. Since you are here, do not miss the source of the Glijun stream and the accumulation lake with reflections of all the prominent local peaks.

moss covered rocks at Glijun stream

The moss-covered rocks of the Glijun stream. Photo: Petra Repič

virje waterfall full of water after a rainy day

Virje waterfall. Photo: David Štulc Zornik

Cycling along the picturesque Soča River

Regenerated, you return to Plužna, where you turn left and cycle over the golf course to the main road. Head towards the direction of Žaga. On the way, don’t forget to glimpse at the right and face the roaring Boka waterfall. At the Boka Hotel, you cross the bridge over the Soča and continue to the village of Čezsoča. The way is pleasant, quiet, and flowy.

mayestic Boka waterfall after a rainy day

Boka waterfall. Photo: David Štulc Zornik

At the end of the village, proceed towards Jablenca. This is where the road ends and the gravel begins, and along the way, you should not miss the perfect place for refreshment. A small path leads to Breka, one of the most beautiful pools of the Soča river. Listen to the wind, swallow the fear, and jump in. The blood rushes through the veins; goosebumps cover your skin. You are fully awake and committed to the goal.

a hanging bridge over the emmerald soca river

Breka – hanging bridge at the Soča river. Photo: Petra Repič

Hop back onto the bike and pedal to the concrete bridge Kršovec, where you cross over on the main road. After about 3 kilometers, you cross the suspension bridge back to the gravel road and cycle along the left bank of the Soča. Lunch o’clock? Luckily the path leads you through the Klin camp, where they will take care of your well-being and fill you up with homemade delicacies.

Admiring the Soča river gorges from a bike

Satisfied, you set off to see the drama of the Great Soča Gorge. The final part of the Great Gorge is another perfect springboard for flying into the icy cold water and admiring the views. It is also part of the picturesque Soča trail. You will probably not be the only visitor during the hot season, as a well-oiled tourist industry invites hundreds of visitors to the water. This is why a bike is the best alternative. No parking headaches, no exhaust fumes, and only a tiny trace left behind you.

the great soca gorge insane colours

The Great Soča Gorge. Photo: David Štulc Zornik

Continue along the gravel path parallel to the left bank of the Soča and reach your final destination – the Small Soča Gorge. Ascend to the stone bridge, from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the wild valley and dramatic gorges below.

To return, take the same path back to the Kršovec bridge, but do not cross it this time. Instead, you continue to the village of Kal Koritnica, ascend to Kolovrat, and cross the lookout meadow. Cycle over the lively Koritnica river and continue along the gravel path to the main road Bovec – Log pod Mangartom. Cross and ride on a dirt road through Mala vas back to Bovec.

a group of bikers on the road across Kolovrat near Bovec

Kolovrat. Photo: Mare Černuta

This is just one of many trails to discover Soča Valley on two wheels. This turquoise piece of the earth’s surface is full of diverse routes, terrain, and trails for different cyclists. We have it all: road cycling, challenging mountain ascents, scenic valley rides, and kind plateaus. For more tips, technical help, and rentals, stop by the Outdoor Galaxy agency, where we’ll make your ride smooth.

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