Let’s go rafting!

An unforgettable experience for all generations

It is here again. Summer. The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and your calendar is filled with ideas for this year’s summer adventures.

Freedom. Remember that feeling of joy that overwhelms you when you look down from the top of the mountain into the awakening valley? When you ride your bike on the off-beat paths, surrounded by pure nature? When you pull yourself together and run straight into the river? It is that liberating feeling of breaking your routine, stepping out of your comfort zone and indulging in a moment. Usually, it strikes you together with the thought: “Ugh, this is so much fun! I should do it more often! ” We agree. Fortunately, the Soča Valley never runs out of adventures.

soca valley active holiday

Rafting on the Soča river. Photo: Žiga Dolinšek

One of the main and unique experiences is rafting on the emerald beauty – the Soča River. Whether you are visiting with family, with a chosen company, with the love of your life or traveling solo, rafting is the right choice.

The activity that excites, invigorates and connects

Let’s go rafting! Why not? The idea of paddling down the river in a rubber boat, avoiding vortices, hitting rocks, and crossing rapids sounds good, doesn’t it? However, this is not all that rafting on the Soča river represents. In addition to adrenaline, a rafting trip provides an extraordinary experience of nature. The power of the moving water is impressive, and the path along the rapids reveals a new perspective of the lush surroundings and the mighty alpine peaks. Rowing on the rapids of the Soča river is also a proper exercise. Experienced guides will show you the techniques to paddle safely and efficiently on our excursions.

happy rafting people

Happy rafting people. Photo: Žiga Dolinšek

In addition to sports and nature, rafting also connects people. There is no better way to bond with your comrades, than by paddling huge rapids and watching each other’s backs – team spirit at its finest. At the end of the trip, you will have an unforgettable experience, new friendships, and plenty of stories to share over a mug of beer.

Rafting equipment

Good, let’s go rafting! The show begins on the doorstep of our agency. It’s departure time. The air is filled with excitement, participants are signing forms, collecting basic information, and getting to know their fellow crew members and guides. What does one need on the river? In Soča valley where flip flops and sports clothes are the primary uniform, the good old “less is more” rule applies to rafting as well. All you need is a towel and a swimsuit. The rest of the equipment will be provided for you at our agency.

lets take the boat to the river

In full rafting equipment. Photo: Luka Černuta

Helmet, life jacket, anorak, neoprene suit and footwear, boat, paddle – everyone gets their own carefully collected package. Ready? A well-loaded van with a wise driver takes you towards the river’s entry point.

In the raft, everyone has their own task

Nothing is more focused than a man in neoprene. Interesting how your whole persona switches once you finally squeeze into this tight garment. Suddenly everyone has a specific role and purpose. People sitting in the front, dictate the pace. The rear seats are reserved for the entertainment program, for those more relaxed types. The middle welcomes all those enthusiastic assistants.

rafting on soca

A group of rafters with the guide on the tail of the boat. Photo: Žiga Dolinšek

Don’t sail off without your raft guide! These unusual creatures on the back of the boat are the navigators, the order givers, the life guards, and the storytellers. Before you begin with your rafting trip, the guide carefully and interactively introduces you to the main commands, safety position, and how to act in case you fall out of the boat. Guides are an encyclopedia of local stories, information, and water anecdotes. They know every inch of the river and every rapid. The crew is ready, the raft is in the Soča and the adventure begins.

The best time for rafting on the emerald Soča river

Our guided rafting tours on the Soča river run between Zmuklica and Trnovo ob Soči. This part of the river offer rapids from class I to IV. Which section is best for you depends mainly on the time of year, your age and your physical fitness.

The rafting season in the Soča valley lasts from 15. March to the end of October.

Spring certainly offers the most exciting voyage for all the eager adrenaline junkies. Snow is melting and spring showers are common, and that means only one thing: high water level. In this early period you are in for a real treat – a special 17 km rafting trip that runs from the upper section of the Soča river, Zmuklica, all the way to Trnovo ob Soči.

The summer season begins at the end of June and lasts until August. Summer means higher temperatures, longer days and lower water levels. Since this is the busiest part of the season, we recommend you book rafting trips in advance. The most popular rafting route from the Boka waterfall to Trnovo ob Soči offers a combination of calm water and wild rapids, therefore it is a perfect pick for family expeditions.

In autumn, however, everything calms down. September is when the number of visitors decreases, when the river takes a deep breath, and you can spend more time admiring the landscape from your raft. It might happen you are the only boat on the river. What a show this is! The surroundings are full of warm colors and the emerald colors of the river pop out even more. We call this the autumn boutique cruise.

The emotional rollercoaster and an unforgettable rafting experience

Wild rapids, technical turns, calmness, great company and breathtaking views. Every rafting trip serves you with a range of emotions. Everything from joy, nervousness, joyfull nervousness, and everything in between. A day full of rowing, laughter, admiration, (un) voluntary swimming, and jumping. You have arrived at your destination. The raft is outside, and the van is already waiting. There’s no better summary than a massive smile on soaked faces.

family rafting picture

Happy faces guaranteed after a rafting trip. Photo: Žiga Dolinšek

Shaking with excitement? At Outdoor Galaxy, we put you in a boat with the best local guides, provide you with all the rafting equipment, and create an unforgettable rafting trip on the Soča River. See our list of water adventures where you can find all the detailed descriptions of the offer.

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