Let’s go canyoning in the Soča Valley

Jump into a new adventure!

You scream, you laugh, you jump. In a split second, the coldness of the pool knocks you out of the water into a green, lush nature. Your skin is covered in goosebumps, and suddenly, you can hardly believe the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

canyoning in the soca valley

Summer refreshment. Photo: Žiga Humar

While many come to the Soča Valley to admire the Soča river, green nature, and alpine peaks, something truly beautiful is hidden behind the scenes. An untamed world of narrow rocky gorges, vertical waterfalls, and crystal clear pools. Tighten your belt and experience the magical world of canyoning.

vertical challenge in Globoski potok canyon

Vertical challenge. Photo: Petra Repič

Canyoning – what is it?

Canyoning is a multiskill sport that combines hiking, climbing, rappelling, and swimming to descend steep river canyons. Sometimes they are less than a meter wide, a couple of meters deep, and often filled with frigid mountain water.

Of course, you have an expert canyoning guide by your side – a guy or gal who knows their ropes and knots. They will fully acquaint you with the information, equip you with all the canyoning gear, take care of your safety and turn the whole day into a fun experience.

canyoning guide at outdoor galaxy

Žiga Humar, canyoning guide.

Are you ready? We will introduce you to the three most popular canyons near Bovec so you know what you’re getting into.

The playful one – Sušec canyoning

Classed as a beginner’s canyon, the Sušec stream is an excellent introduction to canyoning and requires only a little technical guidance. The rugged and playful canyon is located on the northern side of the Stol foothills. Although the essence of canyoning lies in descending the riverbed, this also means that you first have a fair 20 minute climb up to the entry point.

family friendly canyoning near Bovec

Last waterfall in Susec canyon. Photo: Žiga Humar

From the top, you begin a series of small waterfall jumps and slides through the narrow gorges. At the very end, there is an 11-meter waterfall waiting for your last descent. This last waterfall we descend on a rope, while you can slide or jump over all the other waterfalls of Sušec canyon.

The magnificent one – Fratarica canyoning

The valley of river Koritnica, near the little alpine village of Log pod Mangartom, is also known as the valley of a hundred waterfalls. Somewhere among its lush greenery, the Fratarica stream carved its way through the vertical rocks of the mighty Loška stena and created numerous waterfalls.

On the Fratarica canyoning trip, you can expect some walking, climbing, sliding, jumping, and abseiling down mighty waterfalls. Canyoning here is a bit more technically demanding than Sušec and requires medium physical and mental preparation. Previous experiences are welcomed.

As time passes, the canyon becomes more challenging. The rope swings are longer, the slides are deeper, and climbing is a bit more challenging. Suddenly, you are dangling in the middle of the 45-meter Parabola waterfall and looking around the amazing surroundings. In the end, you can glide through the Katedrala waterfall on a zipline. Magnificent!

canyoning in triglav national park

Kiss under Parabola. Photo: Žiga Humar

The challenging one – Predelica canyoning

Not far away, in the valley of Loška Koritnica, there is another adventure. Predelica stream springs below the Mangart mountain and descends towards the village of Log pod Mangartom. It is a technically more demanding canyon and a treat for anyone with previous canyoning experience.

canyoning in the soca valley

Predelica. Photo: Žiga Humar

The gorge is genuinely wild and difficult to access. You can make your way to its hidden treasures only by using ropes and all the rest of the technical orchestra. Yes, here, too, you will be jumping, climbing, walking, abseiling, waving, and dangling from waterfalls. It is right in the heart of the Triglav National Park and has incredible views of the Loška Stena and the surrounding 2000m mountain peaks.

Following the flow of the Predelica stream, you will descend one of the most beautiful waterfalls. The mighty 32-meter Zaročenca waterfall falls over the threshold of the wrinkled rocks. A challenging but fulfilling adventure ends with a landing in a pool filled with cold mountain water.

canyoning adventure slovenia

Zaročenca waterfall. Photo: Žiga Humar

Frightening fun, adrenaline, trembling knees, and a lot of swallowed saliva. There is no greater feeling of freedom and fulfillment than when you face your fears and step over your limits. There is something unique about getting out of your comfort zone, even if just for a tiny millimeter.

Canyoning is one of the best ways to truly experience the natural world and challenge yourself. Stop by our office, where we will embark you on a fantastic canyon trip. In a small group, under the watchful eye of experienced guides, you will discover the best canyons in the valley.

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