Introductory canyons – Sušec Canyon

If you have limited time in the Soča Valley and are keen to try your hand at canyoning, Sušec Canyon is the tour for you. These spectacular canyoning tour is the perfect combination of pools, waterfalls, jumps and slides and a great introduction to the beauty and excitement of canyoning. No previous experience is necessary. Uphill walk to the start  is approximately 20 minutes and we spend 2 hours in the canyon. An average fitness level is required.

Intermediate canyons Fratarica and Predelica Canyon

If you’ve already done an Introductory canyon and want to take your skills to the next level, this is the canyoning tour for you. Intermediate canyoning tours require a good level of fitness and a big sense of adventure. They include up to 50 m high abseils and will take you to some of the less explored corners of the Triglav National Park. Uphill walk to the start is approximately 30 minutes and we spend 3-5 hours in the canyon. A medium to high fitness level is required.

Demanding Canyons – Globoški potok Canyon

If you are an experienced abseiler and consider yourself well fit, you might want to find out more about Globoški potok canyoning tour. This tour will take you through some of the highest, longest and wildest canyon in Soča valleyPrevious abseiling and canyoning experience is necessary. It involves 11 abseils and a stunning 80 m triple waterfall. Uphill walk to the start is approximately 40 minutes and we spend 4-6 hours in the canyon. A high fitness level is required.