Experience the ultimate adrenaline adventure in Slovenia with our CIC licensed canyoneering guides.

Canyoning tours around Bovec

Canyoning, also known as canyoneering, is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappeling) and swimming. We offer canyoning tours of all difficulty levels suitable for everyone’s skills. From easy family-oriented canyoning tours to advanced high-intensity canyons. You can choose from 6 different canyoneering tours: 

Our bestsellers

Time: 2-3 h + transfer
Access: 30 minute walk
Highest rappel: 11 m
Price: 60 € / person
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Time: 3-5 h + transfer
Access: 30 minute walk
Highest rappel: 50 m
Price: 90 € / person
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Time: 3-4 h + transfer
Access: 20 minute walk
Highest rappel: 32 m
Price: 80 € / person
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We have a thing for canyons

We are not (just) guiding you through the canyons.  We share with you our knowledge and passion for canyons and nature. Join us and get hooked :).

ŽigaOutdoor Galaxy Canyoning Guide

And when the best is still not enough

Time: 4-7 h + transfer
Access: 20 minute walk
Highest rappel: 45 m
Price: 140 € / person
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Time: 4-6 h + transfer
Access: 60 minute walk
Highest rappel: 35 m
Price: 160 € / person
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Time: 4-6 h + transfer
Access: 60 minute walk
Highest rappel: 45 m
Price: 140 € / person
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And what do our guests say?

A Italian family of four and me solo did the activity with our passionate guide Ziga in the valley of Soce. Midway thru the climb, he even did a history lesson about the place and gave us ample time to rest. The canyon had it’s difficulties but with help and encouragement from both our guide and the group, we overcame almost most obstacles and had fun-filled dipping n rapelling time in the Canyon. Thanks Ziga and Company.


Immediately after canyoning with Outdoor Galaxy, we knew that we wanted to repeat it again. We will also be very happy if you will guide us again and show to us next beautiful canyon in Slovenia.

LukášCzech Republic