At Outdoor Galaxy we purchase every season new GT bicycles for rent to ensure your comfort and safety.

All equipment is maintained in-house by a professional mechanic. Choose from HT mountain bikes, FS mountain bikes, kids bikes and child carrier. Our staff at the Outdoor Galaxy shop in the centre of Bovec can answer your questions about which type and size of bike is best for your needs. We’re also happy to share some tips on good trails, scenic routes, waterfalls and other places to see and also other mountain biking information. For all bike rentals, a helmet, lock, and water bottle holder are included in the rental price.

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In summer of 2016 Soča valley got a new outdoor activity – Adventure park Srnica. The park is located near Plužna village, just a couple of minutes drive out of Bovec. It is placed through and over the Srnica gorge in a beautiful natural environment.

It combines walking, zip-line, via ferrata and various disciplines of gorge crossing (beam, slack line, steel cable). It is a perfect outdoor activity for families, nature lovers and school groups.

The minimum number of participants is 2 and the minimum height of participants is 140 cm. Children younger than 10 years must be accompanied by parent or guardian. The price is  23 euro for children until 15 years and 27 euro for participants over 15 years. The price includes a guide, helmet and harness. The total time of visit including transport is about 2 hours.

The vicinity of the adventure park offers a variety of other natural attractions and features: Virje waterfall, Gljun stream, typical karst phenomena (gutters, pans, etc.)  and specific flora and fauna in the surrounding area.

The adventure park combines the right amount of adrenaline and nature exploration. It is possible to visit the park every day (weather permitted) and it is necessary to book in advance by sending an e mail to

Sit-on-top kayaks have similar hull shapes to “regular” kayaks. Instead of sitting inside the kayak, you sit on a molded-in depression on top. They are made from fiberglass or from tough, inexpensive, rotationally molded plastic. Sit-on-top kayaks are easier to use and less expensive. There are sit-on-top kayaks designed for fishing, surfing, touring, scuba diving and more. Some of these are considered specialty boats, but most sit-on-tops are built for multi-purposes and with recreational or beginning paddlers in mind.

Sit-on-top kayaks are very comfortable. Paddlers with large body types, long legs, or limited flexibility may feel less confined paddling a sit-on-top. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to do a self-rescue. Because sit-on-tops have an open deck rather than an enclosed one, there is less risk of being trapped in the boat if it tips over. With a sit-on-top kayak there is no need to practice Eskimo rolls or wet exits. That really appeals to new paddlers, and people who don’t plan to take their kayaks out on expeditions. Sit-on-tops are fun and a great way to enjoy kayaking.

The mountain ridge of Stol stretches out from Kobarid towards the Italian border.

There is a 15 minutes drive with our van from Bovec to the start at Učeja. An hour and a half long climb up a dirt road takes us up to the mountain pasture Božica.  The descent takes us down a disused military alpine trail from the 1st World War down to the village of Žaga and from there we follow the river Soča upstream back towards Bovec.

Duration: 4-5 h
Difficulty: medium/advanced
Length: ≤ 30 km
Climb: cca. 700 m
Descent: cca. 1200 m
Highest point: 1400 m
Price per person: 45 euro

The price does not include mountain bike and helmet  rental! Please contact us for a full list of rental bikes, sizes and pricing. contact us

Matajur is a 1642 meter high mountain in the Julian Alps. It is located between the Slovenian Soča valley and the Italian mountainous region Veneto.

There is a 35 minutes drive with our van from Bovec to the village of Livek (half way up to the top of Matajur). Here we start the 2 hours climb up towards the mountain hut on Matajur (1.545 m). When on top there is an epic 12 kilometer long single trail downhill. We end up in the Italian village San Pietro al Natisone where we stop and enjoy some homemade ice cream from the local “gelateria” and wait for our transfer back to Bovec while drinking the best Italian cappuccino.

Duration: 5-7 h
Difficulty: advanced
Length: ≤ 30 km
Climb: cca. 850 m
Descent: cca. 1400 m
Highest point: 1642 m
Starting point: 680 m, Livek
Price per person: 50 euro

The price does not include mountain bike and helmet  rental! Please contact us for a full list of rental bikes, sizes and pricing. contact us 

Check out the official video of Matadown (downhill MTB event from Matajur) organised by Vallimpiadi.