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Kluže fortress Bovec Slovenia

Bovec top attractions

Rich natural and cultural experiences you should not miss when visiting Bovec.

Pust in Log pod Mangartom

Pust is a cultural festival celebrated 40 days before Easter. In every village, town and city locals dress up in masks and costumes and parade in the streets. All the different regions of Slovenia have their own Pust traditions, customs and characters. In the village Log pod Mangartom this parade is organized by Pustno društvo Mangrt.

A day in winter fairytale – a day in Log pod Mangartom

Log pod Mangartom lies in Loška Koritnica valley in the Triglav National Park. The valley is surrounded by 15 peaks with an elevation of over 2.000 m, giving it a unique atmosphere and making it an attractive starting point for hikers. Log pod Mangartom is a picturesque, small village nestling under mt. Mangart. The village comprises two adjoining settlements: Spodnji Log (Lower Log) and Zgornji Log (Upper Log).

Bike for rent Bovec Slovenia

New mountain bikes for rent in Bovec

At Outdoor Galaxy we purchase every season new GT bicycles for rent to ensure your comfort and safety. All equipment is maintained in-house by a professional mechanic. Choose from HT mountain bikes, FS mountain bikes, kids bikes and child carrier. Our staff at the Outdoor Galaxy shop in the centre of Bovec can answer your questions about which […]

Adventure park Srnica – new outdoor adventure in Bovec

In summer of 2016 Soča valley got a new outdoor activity – Adventure park Srnica. The park is located near Plužna village, just a couple of minutes drive out of Bovec. It is placed through and over the Srnica gorge in a beautiful natural environment. It combines walking, zip-line, via ferrata and various disciplines of gorge crossing (beam, slack line, steel cable). […]

“Sit-on-top” kayak vs “sit inside” kayak

Sit-on-top kayaks have similar hull shapes to “regular” kayaks. Instead of sitting inside the kayak, you sit on a molded-in depression on top. They are made from fiberglass or from tough, inexpensive, rotationally molded plastic. Sit-on-top kayaks are easier to use and less expensive. There are sit-on-top kayaks designed for fishing, surfing, touring, scuba diving […]

canyoning Bovec Soca valley Slovenia

Which canyoning tour is right for me?

 Introductory canyons – Sušec Canyon If you have limited time in the Soča Valley and are keen to try your hand at canyoning, Sušec Canyon is the tour for you. These spectacular canyoning tour is the perfect combination of pools, waterfalls, jumps and slides and a great introduction to the beauty and excitement of canyoning. No previous […]

Mountain bike around Bovec

This biking tour visits all major cultural and natural sights around Bovec.  It leads past the Virje and Boka waterfalls, along the gorgeous Soča River, through the confluence and gorges of rivers Soča and Koritnica, past the Bovec airport and the World War I Outdoor Museum and further more. All along the way, this trail allows you to admire the […]

MTB guided tour Stol, Slovenia, Foto: Žiga Dolinšek @ Outdoor Galaxy

Mountain bike Stol

The mountain ridge of Stol stretches out from Kobarid towards the Italian border. There is a 15 minutes drive with our van from Bovec to the start at Učeja. An hour and a half long climb up a dirt road takes us up to the mountain pasture Božica.  The descent takes us down a disused military alpine trail from […]

MTB guided tour Matajur, Slovenia @ Outdoor Galaxy

Mountain bike Matajur

Matajur is a 1642 meter high mountain in the Julian Alps. It is located between the Slovenian Soča valley and the Italian mountainous region Veneto. There is a 35 minutes drive with our van from Bovec to the village of Livek (half way up to the top of Matajur). Here we start the 2 hours climb […]

Big Soca gorge Bovec Slovenia

Soča river

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