Explore the mysterious underground world around Bovec.

Caving adventure in Srnica Cave

Srnica cave lies at the foot of Kanin mountain. It is a system of  underground caves where mighty stalagmites, stalactites and pillars will welcome you on almost every step.

Srnica cave is distinguished by fossilised heart-shaped mussels. In long-lasting or heavy rains, the cave fills up with water and turns into a temporary water source. A waterfall forms at the upper entrance to the cave. There is a 63 m difference in altitude between the entrances to the cave.

Good to know

  • Duration: up to 3 h
  • Price: 75 € / person
  • Equipment we provide: Caving suit, helmet, climbing belt with safety rope, double cord, carabiner, figure eight.
  • Equipment you should bring: Light hiking shoes or sneakers, warm clothes.
  • The price includes: Experienced guide and caving equipment we provide.
  • Meeting point: Outdoor Galaxy agency and shop, Kot 1, Bovec.
  • Number of participants: Minimum 3.
  • Reservation: Booking in advance is required   
  • Availability: From 15 April 31 October.